Magazine-quality photographs that
highlight your hard work.

Who We Are

Twisted Key Photography is based in Edmonton, Alberta, and has been offering architectural photographic services since 2014.  Our goal is to create the most visually stunning images for builders and interior designers, so that you can show off your work in a powerful way.  


What We Do

Our photography process is what sets us apart from other photographers.  The style of photography we use for showhome photography is notably different than the industry standard, which typically involves a process called HDR.  HDR simply feeds a stack of images into a computer program, which uses an algorithm to process the light levels and create a final image.  This produces a reasonably good image that is sufficient for high-volume markets like real estate.

However, when it comes to creating an image that will represent your company and dedication to quality, you want the absolute best image possible.  Our showhome photography uses a more involved style of photography to produce more realistic images.  Each photo is carefully crafted on-set, with multiple off-camera light sources to highlight the room and a highly-practiced eye to put it all together.  The end product takes more work, but everyone will agree that your final showhome images are nothing short of spectacular.




My name is Dan, and I started Twisted Key Photography to help with the growing demand for professional real estate photography in Edmonton.  In another life, I worked in residential construction and new home design.  I began to develop an eye for what people like and want to see in their homes.  This is what I strive for in every showhome photo shoot.  I will capture the style and design that you love about your space, and represent it in an image that you will be proud to share.